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Tuesday, January 12 2016

Here's a long lost recording of when David Bowie came to visit us at Seattle radio station KMTT "103.7 The MountainSeptember 8th 1997 

I remember extra security was hired to keep the fans away. Bowie's road manager showed up early to announce that there would be NO PICTURE TAKING OR AUTOGRAPHS ALLOWED (much to the disappointment of the room full of radio station employees standing with our stacks of CDs and cameras)

When Bowie showed up he was upbeat and friendly and high fived everyone in the room. Bowie chain smoked though the entier interview, laughing and joking about everything from getting tattooed in Japan to Jimmy Page guitar riffs ( nobody had the guts to tell a rock legend that smoking wasn't allowed in the building)

He played acoustic versions of Dead Man Walking, Always Crashing In the Same Car and Scary Monsters. 

Bowie was interviewed by veteran Seattle DJ John Fisher

David Bowie on KMTT 1997 from John Nelson on Vimeo.

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