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Thursday, September 19 2013

On the evening of  September 15th 2013 My wife and I were driving home to The Seattle area after a weekend of visiting relatives in Spokane WA. 

Just outside of a little town call Ritzville we ran into what could only be described as a giant wall of dirt accompanied by hurricane force winds. I've experienced sand-storms in that area before but nothing this severe. For 25 minutes our Jeep was jostled back and forth in the middle of the freeway and we were unable to move or pull over to the side of the road because we couldn't see the road in front of us, or if anybody was coming up behind us. 

Turns out there is a name for this kind of storm, It's called a Haboob ( a fancy name for a dust storm. )


(Heres a video I found on You Tube)

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John Nelson is a Seattle area voice actor and broadcaster with extensive experience voicing commercials, video games and corporate videos