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Tuesday, January 18 2011

The Urban Dictionary definition of Seattleite: 

1. Any person living in, or within ten miles of The city of Seattle, WA 

2.Is easily agitated when tourist asks to see the original Starbucks, Microsoft or Kurt Cobain's house. True Seattleites do not care for these things. 

3.Considers Seattle to be the best city on Earth. 

4. Is a pretentious coffee snob due to the thousands of delicious coffee houses and rostaries that surround them. 

5. Any person who knows not to visit Pike Place Market on a Saturday. 

6. Any person who was disappointed by EMP (unlike the inbred hicks from across the country who come to visit it). 

7. Anybody who knows that "eating dicks" means eating burgers. 

8.Any person that hates it when Californians drive through Washington and cry about the rain and the cold. 

9. Typically a city that is completely devoid of soccer moms.


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John Nelson is a Seattle area voice actor and broadcaster with extensive experience voicing commercials, video games and corporate videos