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Friday, August 30 2013

In the summer of 1978 I had the opportunity to see "The Motor City madman" Ted Nugent, Cheap Trick and a little known band from Australia (making their first appearance in Seattle) call AC/DC at The Seattle Center Coliseum.

As I recall this show did not go well for AC/DC. The band was not that well known in the U.S at the time and the drunken Ted Nugent fans (not known to be a very open minded bunch to begin with) didn't quite know what to think of the guy jumping around in a schoolboy uniform.

After about the 3rd song the crowed started throwing bottles at the stage, but the band pressed on. At one point Angus got on Bon Scott's shoulders and walked into the audience, an incredibly gutsy move considering the crowed was not on their side. After the show my friends all grumbled about how "That first band sucked".

Less than a year later "Highway To Hell" was released in the U.S and AC/DC became EVERYBODY'S FAVORITE BAND and all us old farts have a great story about how we saw AC/DC get boo'ed off the stage 35 years ago.

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