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Friday, March 07 2014
Soundgarden's Superunknown turns 20

Back 1994 I was sitting in a bar in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood when a long haired bearded dude asked me what I thought about the music playing on the stereo, he said it was the new Soundgarden album that hadn't been released yet. I told him I wasn't a big Soundgarden fan but the music he was playing sounded pretty cool. It was then I realized I was talking to Kim Thayil, Soundgarden's lead guitar player. My luke warm warm review of his music didn't seem to phase him a bit, in fact I think it made his day. He turned to a group of people he was hanging out with, pointed at me and said "that guy dosn't even like Soundgarden and he likes the new stuff, this album is going to be huge!

Happy anniversary Superunknown.

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John Nelson is a Seattle area voice actor and broadcaster with extensive experience voicing commercials, video games and corporate videos